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How can I delete my account?

Account deletion is an irreversible action, it deletes absolutely all your data. At the same time, we automatically revoke the tokens generated to access your Twitter account as well as the permissions you granted us.

When the Twitter tokens are revoked, no longer appears in the list of allowed applications on Twitter, so there's no need to revoke the application on your end! Why would we keep them if you no longer use Affinitweet? We're legit until the end 😊

To delete your account:

Go to
Hover your username and click on My Account
Scroll down in your profile to the part Account
Click on Delete my account
A window appears, validate your action by holding down the button
Your account is now deleted, you will be redirected to the home page

By deleting your account, your history will be cleared as well. This means that you won't be able to see your generated results anymore, remember to save them if you had them so you don't lose them.

Even if we're sad to see you go, you'll still be able to create a new Affinitweet account with the same Twitter account afterwards! We'll be happy to welcome you again 💜

Updated on: 18/05/2020

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