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What's a Welcome Message?

What's a Welcome Message?

A Welcome Message is a greeting that is automatically displayed when someone wants to contact you privately**, even before they send you a message.

Sending a DM to a user and showing a Welcome Message.

Types of Welcome Message

A Welcome Message can contain up to 10,000 characters and 1 media (an image, GIF or video).

You can choose from 3 types of Welcome Message on Affinitweet: classic, button or quick reply.
These 3 types are distinct, that means that there can't be buttons and quick replies in the same Welcome Message.

💬 Classic

This is a Welcome Message with text and possibly an image.

🔗 Button

This is a Welcome Message with text, possibly an image and one or more buttons.

These buttons are CTA (call-to-action) displayed just below the private message.
You can create up to 3 buttons per Welcome Message, representing for each button a link redirecting to the page of your choice.

Buttons are an effective way to:
redirect users to pages of your choice (website, FAQ...)
save time if the answer to their request is in one of the links

🖊 Quick Reply

This is a Welcome Message with text, possibly an image and one or more quick replies.

Quick replies are pre-filled answers provided to the user to target their request.
You can create up to 20 quick replies per Welcome Message.

The filled-in answers will be proposed to the user, who will be able to click on one of them to have it automatically sent.

Updated on: 16/02/2022

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