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How does the ID <> Username Converter work?

The ID <> Username Converter is a tool available only to Pro users.

The ID <> Username Converter allows you to convert Twitter usernames in IDs and vice versa in real time. You can convert one at a time or multiple at once, here's how:

Automatic type detection

By default, the system try to detect what you are typing to define if it's an ID or username.

In some cases, you may want to find a username that only have numbers in it (for example 300). So the system will detect an ID if you're not adding the @-prefix.
You can change manually the type by clicking on the convert icon, in that way the type will be switched and you'll have the correct response.

Converting usernames to IDs

When converting usernames to IDs, you can the screen_name of a user with or without the @-prefix, it's as you wish.

Converting multiple IDs or usernames at once

You can type or paste anything separated by a space:

username1 username2 username3 username4

Or separated by a hyphen:


Or by a new line:


Or whatever you want, we automatically detect separators and remove @ for you:

username1 @username2, username3

Updated on: 05/02/2022

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