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Affinitweet Pro

What is Affinitweet Pro?

Affinitweet Pro is an offer that came several years after the launch of Affinitweet. We launched this offer in response to a strong demand for new features (which we call "tools") for more professional needs.

What's included in Affinitweet Pro?

Affinitweet Pro includes access to new and useful tools to manage your Twitter account like a pro, as well as various benefits such as ad removal, priority queue for features, etc. Many new tools are already present and will continue to be released as time goes on.

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Other questions

How much does it cost?

Affinitweet Pro is sold as a one-time purchase (giving lifetime access), depending on the influence rate of the Twitter account. The influence rate is measured by the number of followers, which will determine the price of the purchase. To know more about the price list, click here.

Is Affinitweet becoming fully paid?

No, everything that existed before the arrival of Affinitweet Pro remains free: dozens of features.
In the same way, we will continue to offer new free features in the future.

Updated on: 05/02/2022

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