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Why ask for so many permissions?

When you connect to Affinitweet with your Twitter account, you can see that we ask for a list of many permissions. We understand if you're skeptical about the relevance of some, or scared of others. But why ask for so many permissions?

Here's why we need the following permissions:

👁 Read permissions

We need these permissions to be able to use each of the feature or tool we're providing. Of course, in most cases your followers, following, tweets, likes and profile information are public, but for some people with a protected account we need to be able to see these information, and that's the only way to do that. We also need the read permission to authenticate you on Affinitweet as the owner of the account.

📝 Post tweet permission

We need this permission to be able to automatically post your results, if you enabled the auto-tweet option when we ask it before each feature. You can always disable this option from your profile, read our post how to disable the auto-tweet for more information.

We will never send any tweet on your behalf.

🧰 Follow, unfollow, block and report permissions

We need these permissions because with our tool called Relationships Manager, you will be able to view, search, and manage (follow/unfollow, block, report) your relationships in an easy way thanks to a user interface way easier and complete than Twitter.

We will never do these actions on your behalf, each of them are done when you ask them to do so.

📬 Direct Message permissions

We need this permission because with our tool called Welcome Message Editor, you will be able to view and manage (create, edit, delete) your Welcome Messages, you can't do that on Twitter or on any other website so easily.

We will never send or read any DM on your behalf.

As you can see on the Twitter login screen, they details everything we might be able to do with these permissions, even if we won't do it for some (for example we're not updating user settings as we don't have any tool for that at the moment). And unfortunately it is not possible to specify the permissions more than that, that's why there's remaining permissions on the login screen we're not using but that are still here.

And what if I don't want to use Affinitweet Pro?

That's right, if you're not interested in Affinitweet Pro that is exclusively using most of these permissions, we wouldn't need to ask you these permissions as you'd never use them?

If we would like to achieve this we would need multiple Affinitweet Twitter apps, with different permissions. One for the login and features, and another for Affinitweet Pro. But we decided to not do that for the following reasons:

because Pro users would have to authenticate through 2 apps
because it's more difficult to manage on our end

We understand it is a blocking part for some users only wanting to use our features then decide to not use Affinitweet, but that's the risk we take. You still have the right to revoke the permissions you granted us on your account from your Twitter account settings, you can even do that after login, but once done we can't assure you a 100% operational service.

We're trying our best to be as transparent as possible everyday, because we suffer from bad practices and abuses of other platforms in our kind. If you want to know more about Affinitweet, how we fight against that, you can read our post What's Affinitweet?. And if you read that Affinitweet is doing bad things on your behalf, we also wrote a post I heard Affinitweet is a scam, is that true? (no).

If you still have doubts, we're not forcing anyone to register on Affinitweet so you're free to not use our services. And we're always replying to our DM on Twitter so please don't hesitate to reach us if you have any question, we'll be very happy to help you! 😊

We have a very strong privacy policy on Affinitweet, our users come first and we will never do anything without your consent. Even if you have doubts, we assure you of this, and if the doubt persists, you can delete your account at any time.

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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