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When you connect to Affinitweet with your Twitter account, you can see that we ask for a list of many permissions. We understand if you're skeptical about the relevance of some, or scared of others. But why ask for so many permissions? Here are the explanations.

When you create an application on Twitter, you have to choose between 3 types of permissions:

List of Twitter permission choices

On Affinitweet we ask for read and write access to your account because we need to see your tweets (especially if you have a private account), but also to publish them if you enabled the auto-tweet.

Read access allows us to read and write access allows you to update all the data in your account. Twitter therefore details everything we might be able to do with these permissions, even if we won't do it for some. And unfortunately it is not possible to specify the permissions more than that.

We need a write access to your profile because we would be able to automatically tweet your results if you have enabled the option in your profile. Also, some features may update your profile or profile picture for example, but always with your consent.

So here's the reason: Twitter doesn't allow us to specify what we want 😕

We have a very strong privacy policy on Affinitweet, our users come first and we will never do anything without your consent. Even if you have doubts, we assure you of this, and if the doubt persists, you can delete your account at any time.
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