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How to add my own language on Affinitweet?

If we see you here, that's certainly because you want to add your own language on Affinitweet, or update an existing one to fix or improve translations. First, thank you so much for considering this and helping us to reach more and more users! You'll find useful information below on how to achieve that 💜

If you didn't notice it yet, our translations are open source, it means that everyone can contribute. We decided to open our translations a few years ago because we wanted to bring Affinitweet features to as many people as possible. We used to use a GitHub repository for years, and it was working fine, but as the translations grows and locales too, it has been more and more difficult to maintain, then add features frequently.

So we decided to search a better alternative in order to improve maintainability then translation experience for our existing and future translators, and we chose Localazy for many reasons:

It integrates very well with our development environment
It brings a very nice and clean interface for translators
It doesn't charge per locale/translator but per source key
Their customer support replied in seconds and helped us very well

It means that for the same price of strings to translate, we can have as many languages as we want (unlike many other platforms that charge for it), reducing language barrier 👽

What's the process?

The process is very simple:

You register and translate some texts on Localazy ✍️
We review your translations (with the help of reviewers) 👀
Once reviewed, your translations are available on

We're very active so your translations will be reviewed and published in a few days!

How to use Localazy?

Whether you want to add or update translations, we will guide you and get you onboarded very quickly so you'll be able to focus on translations, you will achieve it in less than 5 steps.

Follow these steps:

Go to the Affinitweet project on Localazy
Click on the button you want depending if you want to add a locale or translate an existing one
Register with the provider you want
Add a new language or translate an existing one
Then wait for review and publishing

Affinitweet project on Localazy once logged.

Start translating text from english to your language.

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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