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What's Affinitweet?

Affinitweet is a platform offering statistics and entertainment features.

You probably already heard of us for our viral and fun features such as Valentine, Secret Crush, Hidden Twin and many more... But we also have features that allow you to discover statistics about your Twitter account, such as Top Friends, Emoji Mood, Famous Followers, etc...

About us

Affinitweet is a platform created in February 2015, for more than 7 years we have been constantly improving it to be the version you know. We currently have more than 10 million users who trust us worldwide, including more than 400,000 active users every month. Affinitweet is available in more than 10 languages thanks to our exceptional translators 💜

How is Affinitweet different?

Where our competitors only do this for money, we are proud to be able to stand out from them because we focus on quality, whether it is :

your experience on the platform;
images generated for your results;
the reliability of our statistics features;
or the relationship with our community.

On top of that, we care about our users, that's why we have a strong privacy policy and why we are absolutely unlike other platforms of our kind that have to sell your data or do anything without your consent.

Speaking of money, you can read more about our remuneration here.

Feedback and transparency

As we attach a lot of importance to what we do, we have decided to use Trustpilot, a platform for collecting the opinions of our users.

As you can see, we invite all our users to leave a review about their experience on Affinitweet in several places (it can be negative or positive), and we display the most recent reviews on the homepage 🥰

If you want to see or leave a review, you can do so by clicking here.

Privacy and legality

As we like to do things right and have nothing to hide, you can find all the information about us and the way we handle data on these pages:

Data and privacy :
Terms :
Legal :

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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