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I heard Affinitweet is a scam, is that true? (no)

No, Affinitweet is not a scam.

You may have already read tweets/rumours on Twitter reporting that we were following Twitter accounts, blocking or muting other Twitter accounts and deleting the email address without the consent of our users. All these rumours are false and come from a site copying our features: Round Year Fun, who are doing all these bad things and blaming it on us. WE DON'T DO IT.

How do we make sure it's them and not us?

There are two simple ways to prove it :

If you've used Affinitweet before but never their services, none of this will have happened to you
If you have not used Affinitweet but their services, it is possible that this has happened to you

If you haven't used either Affinitweet or their services, you can ask someone who fits into one of the two cases or see proofs on the post mentioned below.

Also, they have fun blocking our Twitter account to anyone registering on their site. So if you have the account @affinitweet_ blocked (and you didn't do it), then unfortunately you are one of their victims.

They are more harmful than you think

We have written another and mort detailed post with evidence to support what is being said and claim that we had nothing to do with it. If you would like to read it, you can click here : Don't use Round Year Fun, it's a scam..

We tried to ignore all of this, but it got too big for us to keep quiet so that we wouldn't get into their game, we had to write these articles. So heartily, Round Year Fun, go fuck yourself 🖕🏻

Updated on: 10/03/2021

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