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Don't use Round Year Fun, it's a scam.

What is Round Year Fun?

It's a web application created a few years ago, after seeing the success of Affinitweet. They wanted to build on this success by copying our features to generate money with the ads they display. The problem is that they didn't stop there.

Why is it a (very) bad application?

For users (you):

They host malwares that compromises your security
They make you follow Twitter accounts without your consent
They post tweets without your consent

For us :

They copy our features (if they could at least do it well)
They block our Twitter account for their users
They turn their evil deeds on us

Why are they doing all this?

There is only one motivation: money. It's simple, silly, but it all makes sense.

In addition to this site where they make money thanks to advertisements, they have created a site for buying followers... and so in your opinion which accounts are followed by their users and then transferred so that they don't notice them? Yes, those who buy followers on their second site.

Why do they block us? Because we are trying to put an end to their actions (as long as they remain harmful to people).

What is the evidence?

The main evidence that this is a harmful application is that Twitter is preventing the publication of tweets containing a link from their site. To propagate their services, they use clockurl, a shortener platform for URLs (certainly their own) that Twitter cannot block at the moment. Try to post a tweet with "" in it and you will see an error from Twitter: "cant' publish tweet because link is harmful".

An other evidence is provided by posts written by various people, for example Geoff Golberg's article, which analysed their operation in depth and highlighted the malware they propagate:

Then, we bought followers on their second service on a different Twitter account and bingo: it was their users who were following us. If you have been a victim of their services, you can easily check it by looking at the media of the latest followers of these accounts that they made you follow: they all used Round Year Fun recently.

Finally, all the people complaining about the harmful effects on their Twitter accounts after using this application, you can search for these terms on Twitter:

What about Affinitweet?

We don't do any of this and generally speaking, nothing without your consent (so nothing without your approval).

If you want to know what makes us different from them and why you can trust us, we invite you to read this article: What's Affinitweet? and if you have any questions, we're not hiding, we'll answer them on our chat, by email or by private message on Twitter!

Updated on: 13/02/2022

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